How to accessorize with scarves

Scarves are the most versatile accessory in your wardrobe – so why limit yourself to wearing them one or two ways? Our pure silk scarves present oodles of options for adding that extra stylish touch to your outfit.

Wrap your scarf loosely around the neck to show off a beautiful design or tie it into a neckerchief for a pop of complementary colour. We love the delicate femininity of Aenao Design’s Lost in Flowers scarf (pictured above and below), hand-crafted from 100% natural silk in the small Greek town of Soufli, where silk has been harvested from silkworm cocoons since antiquity.

Mia Papa also works with Soufli artisans to hand-print their 100% ethically made, natural silk scarves, which are hand-stitched at their atelier in Athens. Twill-woven and hand-rolled, the elegant Delphi in Mykonos Blue design makes a fabulous neckerchief but is equally eye-catching draped loosely over the shoulders or as a headscarf.


There are so many ways to wear your scarf around the head, from turban to headband, tied beneath the chin a la Audrey Hepburn or wrapped around your hat brim.

This mythology-inspired pure twill silk scarf by Grecian Chic is guaranteed to turn heads; the design features six Nereids, or sea nymphs, cavorting with dolphins and other marine creatures against a gorgeous sea-green background.

And we absolutely adore Grecian Chic’s Wedding scarf, also hand-crafted from 100% natural twill silk, and inspired by the Ottoman-influenced embroidery which adorned the bride’s trousseau in Epirus, North-Western Greece.

For a splash of joyous colour, the hand-rolled Epione scarf by Mia Papa conjures up the spirit of summer holidays regardless of the season. Made of (you guessed it) 100% natural fine silk, the design is based on the floor-plan of the Temple of Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine.


Wear a scarf as an alternative to a bracelet or anklet, looped casually around the waist, or tied to your handbag. Experiment with modern designs and graphic prints.

This hand-crafted Grecian Chic scarf sports a playful depiction of cats and bougainvillea, the symbols of summer in every Greek island. It’s made of 100% natural twill silk with hand-rolled hemming. At 40cm by 40cm, it’s the perfect size for the wrist or ankle.

Inspired by Greek Mythology, architectural blueprints of historical buildings, nature or even the retro days of our lives, scarves are one of the most versatile and impressive accessories to transform ones look. Choose your favorite design, look up one of the numerous ways to tie it and enhance your style.

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