In Santorini, Marita Sklavounou makes bags by hand since she quit her job in 2016. Apart from a few skirts and dresses that she was making for herself using the old sewing machine of her grandma, she had no experience in stitching, let alone bag making. Yet she dived in, experimented, researched and invested in quality tools and materials. This approach resulted in fresh designs inspired by Cycladic yards, volcanic soils and the everyday women that wear Marita’s bags. We Wear Young is a brand that stands out for its ‘real’ feel and the perfect imperfections of the bags that are truly handmade.

In Marita’s words, “the best way to enjoy fashion is to wear whatever you like and be yourself. And although the decision of what to wear each morning probably doesn’t have an impact to the way the world moves, what one chooses to have in their closet is something of a political stance. We should know ‘who made our clothes’. ”

Marita imagines her bags combined with vintage woolen coats, comfortable clothes and shoes, exploring new cities, carrying books, going to work and then coming home with a flower bouquet in them. But she also sees them strolling around summer destinations, together with flowy dresses and sandals, cotton shirts, tunics and straw hats.

We Wear Young