Katerina Makriyianni was born in Crete and was raised in a home where art was a way of life. She studied ballet and theater throughout her childhood which led her to complete her degree in Theater Studies.

In 1988, her parents Nikos and Eva opened a jewelry boutique–workshop specializing in unique, one-of-a-kind designs which quickly became a highly successful business. Katerina’s love for the applied arts, and her family’s legacy, led her to focus her own career and further studies in jewelry design and production. 

Katerina has managed to create a team that works like a family and she is involved in both the designing and manufacturing process in the Makriyianni family studio. Every piece of metal, thread, and fabric is cut, glued, stitched, and ironed by hand. 

In 2015 Katerina presented her first personal collection at the Paris Fashion, and the worldwide journey began. The design that became a huge worldwide trend right fromt he start was the Big Red Fan Earrings made from traditional hand-woven wool. These earrings are Katerina’s signature design that has been chosen for photoshoots by world-famous fashion photographers and stylists such as Mario Testino and Lucinda Chambers for the June ‘17 issue of English Vogue. This success continued as many of Katerina’s designs were featured in the pages and sites of famous magazines. Penelope Cruz, as guest editor for the April ‘19 issue of Spanish Vogue, chose one of Katerina’s designs for one of the covers.

In 2022, Katerina participated in the “Greekaba Collection” of Christian Louboutin. Among the designers that worked on this collection was Katerina, who with her team took over sole responsibility for the production of fabric beads that adorn all the bags of the collection and a bracelet that was also the only piece of jewelry included in the project. The fabric beads, along with semi-precious stones, were also incorporated into the design of limited edition Konstantimule slippers and Konstantinela sandals.

KM jewelry appeals to confident, strong, independent women who want to stand out by choosing a piece of jewelry that tells a story through its bold unique handmade style and its delicate aesthetics! Adele, Sarah Paulson, Veronica Li, Anna Nooshin, Penelope Cruz, Jolin Chai, Susan Bender Whitfield, Jasmine Hemsley, Rosanna Falconer, Charlene Choi, Tatiana Korsakova, Blair Eadie, Gillian Chung, and Aarika Lee are some of the ladies that choose Katerina Makriyianni Jewelry.