Ageliki Xynogala, an interior and textile designer, chose to use silk as her canvas to create wearable art. The Greek word Aenao means perpetual, ceaseless, something of an unlimited duration, and it truly expresses the timeless character of these scarf designs.

A specific moment in time, an emotion, a mistake or a social interaction are some of the daily inspirations of the artist. Ageliki is particularly interested in people, social relationships and diversity. People are quintessential in her life and art, without focusing on gender or definitions. Each scarf has a story and a feeling behind it, and if you look closely and a maybe a few times more, you will see its truth.

Ageliki uses high quality silk, grown naturally from silkworm cocoons in a small town called Soufli at the north of Greece. Each scarf is sewn traditionally by hand.