Valentine's Gifts they 'll love

We love the romance of February! Whether you’re trying to win the heart of someone new or are celebrating a long-time union, we have plenty of wonderful Valentine’s gifts to show that you care.

Expressing love with gifts and cards at the beginning of spring is a ritual that goes back hundreds of years. While the real St Valentine was believed to have been a Christian martyr killed by the Romans in the third century, February 14 was first associated with romance during the blossoming of courtly love in the 14th and 15th centuries. By the 18th century, English couples were presenting each other with flowers, sweets and greeting cards known as ‘Valentines’.


Give a gift of flowers that will never lose their bloom in the form of jewelry by a contemporary designer. These Poppy Earrings by Meli Jewelry are crafted by sterling silver and enamel and they feature a black pearl. Poppies are  the favorite wildflowers of Greece, blooming in Spring. 

Or, how about a beautiful bunch of daisies in the form of a brooch? This inspired piece by Kiss The Frog will add a dash of spring style to any ensemble.

Irene Hussein’s macramé Love bracelets are another great choice; the bracelets come in a variety of colors and are waterproof, perfect for the sea or pool.

We’re also in love with Ariadni Kypri’s incredibly elegant Valerie and Stone Silver earrings, featuring a micro-sculpture of a ballerina performing acrobatics and holding a tiny moonstone ball.


While there’s an abundance of choices for women, it can be harder finding a Valentine’s gift for the man in your life. We’ve got you covered. The Heart-Bomb cufflinks by Aliki Stroumpouli are sure to get noticed – one half of the set is a realistic micro-sculpture of a human heart while the other is a grenade. They’re handmade from sterling silver and plated in black rhodium.

For a completely different aesthetic, the Licorice Gummy Bear cufflinks by Maggoosh are part of a capsule collection inspired by the designer’s life in New York City. They’re made from sterling silver plated with 18K gold and dipped in transparent enamel.

If cufflinks are not his thing, how about an eye-catching Beetle bracelet? Featuring an adjustable cord, the bracelet is part of a collection about light and joy by designer Danai Giannelli, inspired by symbols and natural creatures.



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Alternatively, give your Valentine one of our Lots of Love gift cards to make their own selection from our e-shop.