Coming from an artistic background Ariadni Kypri has been experimenting with techniques and materials since she was a young girl. She embarked in a journey of investigating plasticity while experimenting in her mother’s ceramics workshop.

During her costume design studies, while she was investigating the amazing outfits of the acrobats, she got fascinated by the world of circus. She started to devise ceramic figures in acrobatic poses, but her desire to create smaller and more delicate objects soon revealed the limits of clay and triggered a challenging game between form and matter. Through silversmithing, her micro-sculptures reached the minimalistic delicacy she was looking for and she was able to tell unique stories using the silhouette as a narrative

Ariadni creates absolutely abstract or extremely figurative pieces of jewelry. She uses a slow process of observation, experiment, devotion and respect, creating designs linked to her values through a sustainable flow: She consciously picks pebbles one by one and chooses her collaborators with care.

She experiments with a variety of materials trying to create three-dimensional wearable art pieces, that don’t have a front and back side, like traditional jewelry.

After leaving her career in the fashion industry, Ariadni presented her first jewelry collection in 2011 and since then, she has participated in various exhibitions in Greece and abroad. She has collaborated with more than 40 stockists and galleries all around the world.