Marilina Deligiannopoulou is the designer behind the brand UKKA LELLE, named after a mythical persona with ethnic influences, passion for life and divine style.

Marilina shared her early years between Athens and Thessaloniki, surrounded by pioneering artistic stimuli that inspired her to start creating and designing.

Her 20-year successful career in the luxury goods sector has given her the opportunity to get to know and love all kinds of precious materials; a love that eventually translated into creating her own signature jewelry.

Throughout the years she studied and worked tirelessly to evolve as a jeweler. The Benaki Museum, where she familiarized herself with metal and metalwork, became her "sacred" space. The ILIAS LALAOUNIS Jewelry Museum influenced the sparkling touch in her designs and helped her perfect her personal style. She also studied next to renowned teachers in Paris and Milan, developing her technique into a unique way of expression.

Marilina has participated in numerous exhibitions in Greece and New York and her jewelry can be found in in numerous boutiques, museum shops, galleries and selected luxury hotel shops in Greece and Cyprus.