Mia Papaefthimiou, with studies in Architecture and Cultural Management, worked for several years as an international architect, curator and creative director in various countries. Following a serious accident, Mia had to abstain from work for quite some time, giving her plenty of time for artful play and so the brand name MIA PAPA was born.

The brand prides itself on the sustainable, organic and handmade way of production, through the support of small local production units in Greece as well as through natural organic materials and handmade finishing.

The designs are based on floor plans of monumental buildings and the power of the feminine nature, capturing them through intense, dynamic and bold color combinations.

Every silk piece is made in the small Greek town of Soufli, where silk is grown from natural silkworm cocoons since antiquity. After being gently twill-woven, printed, cut, washed and ironed, each product is taken by local seamstresses to be sewn it traditionally by hand.

Through her lifestyle sustainable brand of wearable and home-ware art, Mia aims to spread magic, passion and love to everyone who trusts her creations!