Charalampia is an artifact brand created by Chara Charalampous. She was born and raised in Athens, but her family origins are a Mediterranean melange; inspired by the Greek community of Egypt and its unique traditions, the tiny and remote island of Kassos in the Aegean Sea, and the history of Cyprus, Chara naturally got a flair for art objects that project the mix of the Mediterranean cultures.

With studies in Fashion Design but also Costume and Set Design, she has been designing sets and costumes for theater, film and television for the past 19 years.

Charalampia collection features jewelry and art objects that reflect motifs, colors and patterns from the Greek folk costumes interpreted in a modern fashion. Fancy embroidery travels through time and ends up on unexpectedly surprising material such as metal & marble.

It is a modern story rooted in the past. A tribute to tradition and an artful expression that Chara Charalampous dedicates to her grandma and her needlework.