Maggoosh is the creative child of Margarita Chrissaki. It is the name of her jewelry brand and her breakdancing name. While developing her passion for jewelry into a global business, Margarita is also performing as a professional breakdancer.

Launching a progressive jewelry line at the age of 19 and instantly attracting the attention of the fashion world, Margarita Chrissaki knew early on that she had to pursue two dreams at once. She completed her studies on Jewelry design and at the same trained for dance competitions.

Through the use of quality materials fashioned into fluid forms, Magoosh jewelry embrace and compliment the body’s natural movement. In Margarita’s words: "The same way a dancer’s beauty is expressed through movement, a piece of jewelry is at its finest when synchronized with the body’s motions.”

Maggoosh can be found in Tokyo, New York, Paris and other locations around the world, through leading fashion retailers. All pieces are carefully handcrafted through a network of craftsmen located in Athens, Greece (Margarita’s hometown), to deliver a simple yet stunning result.