Christina Brampti is the soul and creator of the homonymous jewelry brand from Athens. Hailing from a background in Graphic Arts and then Décor at the VAKALO Art & Design College, Greece’s first school of applied arts, she learned jewelry-making from the sculptor Janine Baet. Christina designs contemporary jewelry since 2000 but started her own brand in 2004, designing season-less jewelry that balance strength, edgy design and modern style.

Inspired by applied arts, science curiosity and breaking tradition, Christina merges art with the intimacy of jewelry. All her pieces deliver the experience of art through simple and valuable objects as they remain innovative, unexpected, and definitely one-of-a-kind.

Christina Brampti Contemporary Jewelry have been displayed at Guggenheim Museum in Venice, at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, at Picasso Museum in Barcelona and at Benaki Museum shop in Athens.

"I believe that there are many ways to view reality, not just the way in which we have become accustomed to viewing it. It is those other “realities that” I try to discover in my work, using materials one would not normally anticipate and objects not directly associated with jewelry, by transforming them into something utterly unexpected." - Christina Brampti