Ramadan Nights and Eid Gifts

Ramadan Kareem! 
When the sighting of the new crescent moon signals the beginning of this very special month, there is so much to look forward to in Qatar. The month of prayer and fasting is a welcome opportunity for us all to slow down, reflect, and relish time with family and friends. 

The nights are full of fond memories as well as memories in the making. When the cannon fires to mark the breaking of the fast at the end of each day, Iftar is observed everywhere from the ritziest five-star hotels to the most modest family homes with enticing dishes, beautiful decorations and a wonderful sense of community. 
Finally, dawn-to-sunset fasting gives way to the celebration and joy of Eid al Fitr, with visits to loved ones, expansive feasts, shopping and gift giving.  

While Arabs have been using the lunar calendar since before the advent of Islam, the significance of the moon sighting has resulted in it becoming an enduring symbol of Ramadan. Stars and lanterns are also popular motifs around the world. 
Ileana Makri’s celestial creations seem particularly well suited for this time of year, combining white sapphire spangled moons and stars with high quality gold-plated Sterling silver. Her Lunar Cycle Hoops, featuring a hanging moon charm adorned with white sapphires, were inspired by how the moon impacts on our lives and moods. Makri’s Falling Star Night Hoops are a more dramatic interpretation of the theme, with a delicate white sapphire-studded star peeking out from between white sapphire moons and twinkling rubies. 

falling star night hoops with sapphires and rubies


Jewelry inspired by the night sky is also a perfect choice for Eid gifting. For gifts that will suit most tastes, we love Contessina’s Diana Lace Earrings, which belongs to 'My Precious Lace' collection that has been hosted in various Art spaces and galleries around the world, as well as Lilian Syrigou’s versatile, hand-crafted Half Moon Ear Jacket Earrings, which can be worn three different ways.   

If you are looking for new items to decorate your home, or to gift others for their homes,  
the imperfectly perfect pottery of Manolis Libertas could be just what you are looking for. Each beautifully simple piece is steeped in tradition; Manolis is the fourth generation of potters from a tiny village on the Greek island of Naxos keeping alive techniques passed on through the generations, and his big ceramic bowls are well-suited for Eid feasts! 

Pottery from Naxos - handmade

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