Neo-Hellenic Jewelry

For more than 2,000 years, people have been fascinated by Greek culture and its wonderfully rich legacy. The increasing popularity of neo-Hellenic jewelry is a clear example of how long-held traditions continue to inspire and delight our imaginations.

Aenália prides itself on being the first Greek brand to focus on the contemporary revival of neo-Hellenic jewelry –  founder Katerina Kritikou recognised the opportunity after her original Greek jewelry, gifted to her from her grandmother, constantly sparked interest while she was studying at the Sorbonne in Paris.

The brand’s Zitsa earrings are guaranteed to start a conversation. The design was inspired by the Byzantine-style bridal jewelry used in the Pogoni region during the 19th and 20th centuries, which was shared from bride to bride and village to village. The roosters that perch on the top represent the newlyweds and fertility.

Dione Neo-Hellenic Earrings

Aenália’s delightful Dione earrings are also influenced by Greek wedding traditions, specifically the bridal necklace, or “yordani”, used in the Mesogeia region of Attica, which was made up of filigree plaques embellished with rosettes, multi-coloured glass stones and coins. These distinctive earrings feature the November birthstone citrine, associated with healing and happiness. A perfect gift for a loved one with a November birthday!

Antiop embroidered cuff bracelet

Greece’s fabulous mythology is another source of inspiration for the country’s contemporary designers. The hand-embroidered Antiop bracelet by Charalampia is named after a beautiful, heroic Amazon who eloped with Theseus, the King of Athens. Crafted from 24K gold-plated brass with eye-catching blue trim, this cuff was also inspired by Greece's traditional embroidery.

Meanwhile, Danai Giannelli has incorporated the ‘Prince of the Lilies’, which famously adorns an ancient Minoan fresco in Crete, as the star turn of the Minoan Chain Bracelet. The 24K gold-plated silver bracelet also features a beautiful natural garnet, associated with vitality and energy.

Marble necklaces by Marmarometry

For a different way to add a Grecian flare to your jewelry collection, take a look at Marmarometry’s unique statement pieces crafted from white, green and grey marble sourced from the Greek islands.