Back to School and the Office

It’s that time of year again – the holidays are over and we’re heading back to the classroom or work. To make the adjustment a bit more pleasant, why not treat yourself to a stylish new accessory or two?

If last year’s backpack is looking rather tired, Bleecker & Love’s designs offer a fun splash of color that speaks to the young and the young at heart. The yellow Confetti backpack will brighten up even the most boring September day, while the Pop Mini backpack comes in a slightly smaller size that is also suitable for kids. Each cotton backpack features the brand’s signature waterproof lining, handy outer and interior pockets, and adjustable straps.

It's also good to add a touch of playfulness to your stationary – because, why not? So, we naturally love the range of notebooks by award-winning design house My Greek Games which feature ancient Greek greats such as Aristotle, Homer and Socrates on the covers. To add a touch of class whether you’re writing executive meeting notes or your to-do list, the Brass Roller Ball pen by Krama Studio is cleverly crafted from a solid piece of brass and assembled by hand. Available in black, raw and white, it is designed to be perfectly balanced in the hand during long writing sessions.

As well, we stock a carefully curated range of smart, practical handbags that look effortlessly chic whether on your hip or slung casually over the back of your office chair.

The distinctive Flaneur bag by Meraki is a timeless classic that can be worn either as a handbag or shoulder bag. We’re also big fans of Meraki’s Hygge bag, a simple yet elegant design that will quickly become a staple of your office wardrobe. Both bags are made of premium quality top grain leather set with oak handles.

Another versatile option is the Bamba bag by We Wear Young, which is fully handmade from genuine Napa leather. It comes with a leather strap and a metallic chain, so you can wear it as a cross body or a shoulder bag.

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