Alternative Bridal Jewelry

The jewelry you choose for your wedding should be as individual as you are. Forget the rules and go with what makes you happy.

We’ve selected some beautiful stand-out pieces from original and independent designers to give you some inspiration for jewelry which will not only complete your bridal look but will also be worn with pleasure for years to come.


If you want to channel tradition with a contemporary twist, pearls are a wonderful choice. The Ancient Greeks associated pearls with love, marriage and beauty, and believed that wearing pearls would encourage marital bliss and prevent new brides from crying. Famous brides throughout history have worn pearls. In the modern era, Queen Elizabeth wore a two-stranded pearl necklace when she married Philip Mountbatten in 1947, and Jacqueline Bouvier wore pearls when she wed John F Kennedy in 1953.

For a blend of old and new, we love the exquisite Oia earrings by Aenália, inspired by the pearl jewelry which adorned women’s headdresses in the Aegean Islands during the 19th century. The hoops of freshwater pearls will add a joyous touch of elegance to your wedding day. We are also enamored of the Sun Paradise necklace by Barbóra, which playfully combines different styles and sizes of pearls for an original interpretation of a classic strand, and the unisex Dream ear cuff by the same designer.

If you are searching for something blue, the Naias earrings by Tania Drakidou are a fresh take on the tradition. Finished with Lapis Lazuli Quartz doublet and flowing river pearls, they are designed to follow your movement and add an extra touch of ‘wow’ to your bridal ensemble.
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Diamonds are another classic choice, but classic definitely does not have to mean boring. Consider pieces that will complement your engagement ring and add a dash of glamour to your everyday wardrobe once your wedding gown is packed away.

Fine lines, gold and diamonds is the core of Charnières, the signature collection by Yannis Sergakis inspired by the way Greek jewelers have traditionally married metals and stones.  The Charnières Pendant necklace, featuring 18K Yellow Gold and 0.05ct diamonds, is a simple yet gorgeous piece that will add a beautiful finishing touch to your outfit, especially if paired with the 18K Yellow Gold loop-chain Charnières earrings, set with 0.06ct diamonds.

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Striking and unusual jewelry can be the perfect foil for your wedding dress, adding a touch of personality that will make your wedding photos really pop.

The handmade pieces by Marmarometry are an ode to geometry that combine marble from the Greek islands of Thassos, Tinos and Paros with silver, gold and precious stones. We love the Minotaur White Marble necklace, inspired by the mythical creature with a body of a man and the head of a bull which lived in the center of a labyrinth in the Palace of King Minos in Crete. This statement necklace goes perfectly with the designer’s Triangle Marble Hoop earrings.

Alternatively, embrace a more delicate sensibility with light-weight jewelry from Contessina which honors old European lace-making traditions. Made of silk, metallic threads and natural gemstones, the ‘My Precious Lace' collection has been featured in Art spaces and galleries around the world. The Diana Lace earrings and the Semiramis Lace bracelet are both effortlessly elegant and timelessly beautiful.