EvaBucket - Black

QAR 620,00 QAR 860,00

By Lommer

Attract all looks with this revolutionary shoulder bag. The body of EvaBucket bag is made of E.V.A.* material which is lightweight, durable, waterproof, recyclable, non-toxic & vegan. The strap is a seat belt that has a rectangle metallic component at each end, inspired by the Montgomery buttons.

Like a bucket, it may not be so wide in measurements, but it certainly has enough depth to hold your every day needs as a bag. Larger at the bottom, closing up to the top with many angles and even more interesting foldings. As in all Lommer bags, EvaBucket comes together with snap buttons by a single piece of the EVA material.


  • Body Material: E.V.A. foam*, black color

  • Buttons: Brass Metallic

  • Strap: nylon seatbelt, blue color

  • Weight: 500 grams

  • Dimensions: 21 cm (L) x 26.5 cm (H) x 24 cm (W)

  • Comes in a specially designed cotton bag

*E.V.A. is a soft polymer foam. Lommer produce in Europe their own form of E.V.A. according to the brand’s specifications. The factory in which their E.V.A. material is produced has a quality certificate UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 & participates in European projects such as GREENZO, which seeks to create a pilot plant to transform industrial waste into materials that can be used in other products, thereby reducing both pollution and the use of non-renewable resources.

Designed and Made in Greece

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Every bag made of E.V.A. Foam can easily be cleaned with a wet microfiber cloth. If the stain is persistent do not hesitate to use soap and water. Avoid using the washine machine. The materials are durable but also delicate. If it is absolutely necessary, put your bag into a protective mesh bag and choose a program of 30 °C, with no spinning.
Moreover, the LOMMER bags are good heat conductors, which means that the iron would hurt them. So would the radiator, so please be careful of the places where you store your bag and do not iron them.

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With Product and Interior Design backgrounds, Danai and Alkioni are the founders and designers behind this award-winning brand. Inspired by their love for experimentation with innovative materials and their passion for minimal aesthetics, they create unique accessories. LOMMER is an acronym from the words LOve Materials and MEet Requirements, which is the philosophy that the brand represents, and the catalyst behind the international design awards that they repeatedly win.

The designer duo truly love to explore with new materials, and thus developed a unique version of E.V.A. material. Combining that with other pioneering materials such as seatbelts, sailing ropes, metallic chains and PVC handles, they create contemporary yet timeless products.

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