Arsida Earrings

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Earrings inspired by a 19th century filigree headdress pin that accompanied the traditional costume of Attica. Elaborate braids as well as diaphanous fabrics characterized the women’s headdress all around Greece.

Especially in Attica, the headdress was attached by pins in various shapes and with numerous pendants. Since the 18th century, headkerchief pins were very common in Greece. Their multicolored glass stones, along with the elaborate filigree motifs, added a touch of hopefulness and grandeur.

These earrings are a reflection of a rich cultural heritage, where tradition and intricate craftsmanship converge to create a timeless work of art.


  • Metal: 24K Gold-plated Sterling Silver

  • Dimensions: 3.5 x 5 cm

  • Weight: 8.8 gr each earring

  • For pierced ears

  • Each piece is unique, slight variations may occur

AENÁLIA is the first Greek brand that focuses on the contemporary revival of neo-Hellenic jewelry.

Designed and Made in Greece

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All handcrafted objects need love and care to maintain their beauty.
For jewelry that has been gold-, silver- or rhodium-plated expect the plating to fade over time. This happens unavoidably to all plated jewelry but with extra care you can extend the life of the plating. The speed at which the plating fades depends on multiple factors like your skincare products, level of perspiration or even your skin PH. Avoid contact with soap, perfume, hairspray, lotion or other face or body products. We recommend that you remove your jewelry when showering, swimming, washing your hands, styling your hair or using cleaning agents, as this will damage the plating.

For solid sterling silver jewelry, expect the silver to tarnish. Silver is a metal that reacts to air and humidity and therefore gets oxidized. It is an unavoidable natural process but thankfully it can be reversed (see below how to clean your jewelry).

Be extra careful with jewelry with stones and pearls. Stones are fragile and may break, crack or get scratched. Be careful not to knock or hit your jewelry against a solid object.

Store your jewelry away from direct sunlight and in their original packaging or in velvet jewelry boxes to avoid damage from air, humidity and contact with other items. Make sure that the storage area has low humidity. You can place a piece of chalk or a small bag of silica gel in the storage area to minimize tarnish.

Clean your sterling silver or fine jewelry by soaking them for a few minutes in warm soapy water. Then rinse well and gently rub them with a soft microfiber cloth. Do not using paper towels or harder cloths to avoid scratching. Do not immerse your gemstone or pearl jewelry to jewelry cleaning or polishing solutions. Use transparent alcohol on cotton to clean the marble parts of your jewelry.

If in doubt, it is preferable to seek professional cleaning services from a goldsmith or a reputed jewelry shop.

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AENÁLIA is the first Greek brand that focuses on the contemporary revival of neo-Hellenic jewelry and it was founded in 2019 in Athens, by Katerina Kritikou.

Katerina first dreamt of reviving the neo-Hellenic jewel whilst strolling through the streets of Paris, where she was studying Art History at Sorbonne University. She used to wear her original neo-Hellenic jewelry pieces, which were gifted to her from her grandmother, and people from all over the world were asking her where they came from.

Her initial urge to dive into Greek history quickly transformed into a deep desire to tell the world what neo-Hellenic jewelry is and rescue it from oblivion. After several years of research, Katerina set up AENÁLIA to give women the opportunity to strongly connect with the neo-Hellenic tradition and eventually become a part of its contemporary version.

Neo-Hellenic jewelry spans across a broad range of time (17th-late 19th century), space (mainland and the islands) and styles. It combined elements from the European West and the Islamic East, and formed an integral part of Greek traditional costumes.

AENÁLIA will take you on an unusual tour around Greece, aiming to breathe new life into a lesser-known part of the Greek jewelry history and set it free from its folkloric bonds.

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