A world with one and only purpose... To enhance and cherish individuality! Sen Handmade, was founded in 2014 by the designer Sissy Alivizatou.

In her search for unique and handmade products, Sissy realized that she wasn’t the only one who was looking for something contemporary but yet classic, trendy and yet trendless; and that led her in creating Sen Handmade.

The brand, as the name it carries, it consists of Handmade & One-of-a-Kind designs.

Sustainability and Forever Pieces are at the core of the brand’s values. The brand’s promise is to always deliver unique designs and to accompany women in their daily lives.

Sissy chooses the raw materials in each collection with love and care. Every season has one Hero Material, such as Refined Silk, Eco-Leather or Semi-precious stones. Her designs are handcrafted in a small atelier in Athens with impeccable attention to detail and can be found in multiple stores in Greece, including the Ilias Lalaounis Jewellery Museum.

SEN Handmade