Lefflow Art Studio, a contemporary art and jewelry workshop, was founded in 2018 by Natasa Koutsampela and her partners. It is a place where they work, move forward and express themselves through art.

Natasa, the designer of the brand, despite her studies in Law, could never give up her natural talent for painting and fine arts. Since 2011 she began to experiment with the design and making of jewelry as a creative expression and she attended various courses and seminars in goldsmithing.

With every collection of jewelry, Natasa tries to approach and attribute the meaning of time through our actions, such as motion-inertia, evolution, human contact, contact with nature and the primordial instinct of preservation and survival.

In her latest collection “Panspermia”,  she is inspired by her homeland -the Thessalian plain- and gives breath to her memories in an innovative and minimalist rendering of wheat.  For her the wheat represents an ancient fruit, symbol of human survival, which in the Greek tradition was connected with the great feast of “Theros”, the rituals and the customs of the harvest. Each piece of jewelry in this collection is made entirely by hand and this gives each piece an absolute uniqueness.

Natasa creates jewelry from silver, bronze, gold, upcycled materials, paper, acrylic colors and enamel.

Her work has been presented at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City Jewelry Week, Milan Design Week, Collectiva Meeting in Porto Portugal, Who’s Next in Paris and various others exhibitions in Greece and around the world. She has also been awarded the 2nd prize in the Solid Metal category of a “A Jewel Made in Greece” competition.