Amethyst, the Stone of February

Have you ever wondered what is your birthstone and what that means?

Although the concern about one’s birthstone had been associated with religion in some parts of the world and with astrology in some others, the modern-day birthstones have less to do with historical origins. Lots of jewelry and gemology associations mainly in the USA and UK have contributed in the formation of the modern list of birthstones. 

If you were born in February, your birthstone is Amethyst. Ranging from light lilac to deep purple, amethyst is a semi-precious stone with high hardness and scratch resistance. 

Since the 1800s that a huge deposit was found in South America, amethyst has been a popular and inexpensive stone, however before that it was a stone only for the rich and the royals adorning many crown jewels for centuries. 

Earlier than that, because of its color, Amethyst reminded Ancient Greeks of wine, who carved drinking vessels from it believing that it could prevent intoxication. Hence the name of the stone: it comes from the Greek word amethystos which means ‘not-intoxicated by alcohol’.

Nowadays, amethysts are believed to have mental and physical healing properties and they have been associated with spirituality and wisdom. 

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