Manolis Libertas

Turquoise Cup Set

QAR 70,00

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The cutest set of cups, handmade by a fourth generation ceramist in Naxos island. They are made of red clay and glazed with turquoise and white enamel in soft hues. The two cups of the set are different both in size and design. You can use them to decorate or drink and enjoy the 'crackle' effect of the enamel when the cups are filled with water. 

They could be a great parent/child or his/hers little present. 

Like all the pieces of Manolis Libertas, these cups have been shaped by hand, dried for one day in the workshop, then left two more days in the Naxos sun to dry further and rubbed with a sponge for the surface to become totally smooth. Then they were fired in the kiln for about 6 hours, painted and covered in enamel so they can get back in the kiln for another 8 hours. After 24 hours the cups had been cooled down and were ready to be used.   


  • Materials: Red clay from Naxos, Enamel

  • Color: Blue, White

  • Small cup, height: 6.5 cm , diameter: 4 cm 

  • Big cup, height: 9 cm, diameter: 6 cm

Designed and Made in Greece

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They can be safely washed in the dishwasher.

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In a tiny village within the heart of Naxos island, Manolis Libertas keeps the Greek pottery tradition alive in his workshop. He is the fourth generation of Naxian potters, molding and creating unique pieces of art that are earthy and rustic - pieces of imperfect perfection.

In that same workshop that he grew up, Manolis spends his days shaping clay on the wheel, mixing colors, firing the kiln and conversing with the people who visit his workshop and admire his work. He creates functional and decorative pieces, some of which are not found commonly anymore - like the "Sfouni", a traditional vessel used to extract and serve wine or water from big clay jars, since antiquity. Manolis symbolizes the true essence of Greek art - an ancient tradition and art-form that has been passed on through generations.

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